Platinum 971.86g No of PCS 12,658 Price $500,000


Everlasting shine on you.

This breathtakingly beautiful portrait, made of platinum, was produced with the very best jewellery craftsmanship in Japan.
The world’s first portrait made of platinum, this piece of platinum art portrays a woman who exudes
her unique beauty and confidence from within. Production of this one-of-the-kind portrait required platinum ingots,
melted in a furnace at more than 1,700 Celsius degrees, which were shaped into balls in 2 to 5mm pitch.
The platinum balls were then handed over to master craftsmen who painstakingly set each ball by hand to create the portrait.

Art of platinum.

Widely acknowledged as the finest precious metal used for jewellery,
platinum has long been cherished by discerning women who appreciate the metal’s rarity and purity.
Retaining its natural white colour over time, platinum has intrigued many reputable jewellers around the world.
Today, jewellery made with platinum is widely acknowledged and respected as the most premium jewellery.


Platinum 971.86g No of PCS 12,658
w 58.2cm × h 80.8cm

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A portrait made with tens of thousands of platinum balls is now available by special order.
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